Do you want a creative and unique wedding?
I’m there for you!

Whenever I meet with a couple for the first time, the first thing I always ask them is:

My mission as a 

wedding planner

is to make those dreams come true.


If you dream of your wedding in the middle of a forest, on a lake, in a castle, in the desert, on a boat, on the beach… I always tell you that I am the best person to find the perfect location.

The perfect location to surprise them and blow the minds of guests with locations that dreams are made of.

I always tell them that every wedding is different because every couple is unique – no two weddings are the same – and that’s why I always love to create one specially for them, built around their tastes and personalities.

Wedding Planning Marbella

I always tell them to imagine having the help of a professional wedding planner, adapted to their style, to give them surprising ideas and to think about every last detail…

To help them to experience one of the most exciting moments of their life, stress- and worry-free.


Wedding Planner & Design Service

This service includes:

· Organising the wedding and designing all of the decoration

· Finding any professionals that may be needed (as well as organising your own)

· Our professional advice to clear up any doubts on any issue that may arise

· Contributing our extensive knowledge of the sector to make sure every detail is taken care of

Servicio de Wedding Planner & Design

We will come up with ideas and interpret yours until we get to what you have been imagining for so long.

On your wedding day we’ll make sure that all of the professionals stick to their contracts and we’ll coordinate to make sure everything flows smoothly, from when your guests arrive at the ceremony until the party starts.

With this service you won’t have to worry about anything and everything will go as planned.


We’ll help you to keep track of the timing of your big day so that everything goes perfectly. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

We’ll arrange a rehearsal to give you more confidence and self-assurance for when the long-awaited day arrives.


I will make sure that your wedding

will leave everyone open-mouthed

I’ll turn you own ideas

into reality

I’ll create concepts

to match your personalities

I’ll contribute new ideas

that will make a difference

We’ll create the space you have always dreamed of and your wedding will always be remembered as beautiful and special.

A different wedding, with decoration that’s all about you – your story – and is unique and yours alone.