A very intimate destination wedding.

“In matters of love, the mad are the most experienced. Never ask the sane about love; the sane love sanely, which is as if they've never loved at all.” - Jacinto Benavente ✨

Nia and Pepo

Today we’re presenting the wedding of Nia & Pepo and their sane way of loving each other madly.

This couple has enchanted us with their love and their charm! And we are so in love with these photos by @begografhy that we couldn’t help but publish pretty much the entire gallery.

I still find Nia and Pepo’s indie wedding spectacular and charming to this day.

Without a doubt, I would choose a love like hers a thousand times over – carefree, adventurous, fun and ambitious.

Don’t you think they’ve got great vibes?


They show us that the best love matures over the years. It is created with patience and is a plant that must be watered every day.

Real love, the one that stays with you and makes you happy, can be felt every day and these amazing images are the proof.

Thank you Nina & Pepo for letting me be part of your big day and for trusting me!

Thanks to all the suppliers who make our work possible, and to so many couples for trusting us blindly.

Así lo cuentan Nia and Pepo:

In Nia and Pepo’s own words:

With Donna Weddings it was love at first sight.

Donna is a straightforward, flexible, tasteful and experienced person. I just needed someone to give me a hand with the organisation, as I only had 6 months and I have 2 children and a lot of work. That’s what I asked her and that was the result. She adapted to everything, gave me advice and organised the timing. Every so often she gave me a push to make sure everything would be ready for the day.

On the wedding day she was there right from the start to take care of all the suppliers as well as the guests. We achieved my aim of letting me enjoy my wedding while she took care of all requests, unexpected events, problems and everything else.

I can’t thank you enough, Donna.

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