Lots of love, fun and partying!

A couple that touched our hearts and puts a smile on our faces whenever we remember them.

Jasmin and Antonio

We really wanted to show you this delightful wedding worthy of a fairy tale.

Jasmin and Juan Antonio . The wedding called the horse’s bride.

A couple very much in love and full of life. They taught us that rules are there to be broken, giving their guests and us an extremely emotional and very special day.


Every since coming to Donna Weddings they knew exactly what they wanted:

They wanted a unique and different wedding and to make sure their friends and family had a great time.

My amazing contact Amanda Watt helped us get these photos of the bride and groom and celebration, and Lua once again worked her magic to transport us back to that day. The trailer says it all. They are pure magic.

They are very discerning, but above all great people and a couple that is very thankful if there ever was one… come in and see THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR!

Thank you guys for letting us be part of your big day.
We wish you all the happiness in the world.

Así lo cuentan Jasmin and Antonio:

In Jasmin and Antonio’s own words:

We were very lucky to meet Donna.

Without her it would have been impossible to enjoy such a special day, so much better than we could have imagined.

Donna and her team look after everything down to the last detail, and enjoy what they do. This shows in the final result.

It was a fairytale wedding! Donna is not only a great professional but also an amazing and beautiful person!!!

We love you.

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