I’m Donna…

…owner of Donna Weddings, a creative and very dreamy person, with a degree in architecture and a love of perfection and organisation. I decided to take a chance on my dream: Donna Weddings.

I became passionate about the world of weddings thanks to the wedding of a lifelong friend, and I enjoyed the dream so much I didn’t want to wake up. Therefore, I trained with the best professional Wedding Planners in Spain, and launched my own Wedding Planner business full of ideas and enthusiasm.

I am from Santander. I have lived abroad for years and am now based in Marbella, which has enriched me both professionally and as a person.

Curious about art, I love travelling and discovering the beauty of other cultures, which become my creative inspirations.



My mission is to make dreams come true for all couples who don’t fancy leaving anything to chance, who love surprising and being surprised, who believe that every detail makes a difference. All couples who want a different sort of wedding.

My aim is to ensure that all couples are worry-free and experience a day full of emotions worth remembering. My mission is to design that special day as a unique and one-off party, with the best professionals in the sector to make sure everything is perfect on their day.

I will be there with you for every decision, because your satisfaction, peace of mind and enthusiasm is our best reward.


What is Donna Weddings?

It’s a dream come true, just like our couples’ weddings.

It’s much more than a job; it’s about smiling every day and doing what I love most in the world.

It’s all about living, dreaming, feeling, getting exciting and crying with joy.

It’s about participating in the most important day in the life of two people.

It’s must more than incredible …

Let the party begin!