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A Colorful Andalusian Wedding with a Special Kids Corner

In the heart of Andalusia’s rolling countryside, the rustic charm of Casa de la Era set the stage for a wedding that was a burst of colors. Far from the ordinary, this special day was as bright and cheerful as the sun shining down on the Spanish hills.

As you walked into Casa de la Era, it felt like stepping into a coloring book that had sprung to life.

The best part? This wedding was made with kids in mind. In one corner of the venue, there was a little world just for them. This wasn’t a quiet, sit-down affair – it was a place where laughter and little voices were part of the day’s soundtrack. The kids’ corner was decked out with all sorts of things to keep the little ones busy. There were teepees with piles of cushions for tumbling and relaxing, and tables set up with coloring books and crayons.

And when it came to food, the children had their own special treats. There were little sandwiches cut into fun shapes, fruit skewers that looked like rainbows, and cupcakes topped with swirls of colorful icing.

The grown-ups had their fun, too. They chatted and enjoyed the day, knowing the kids were having just as good a time in their special spot. And when it came time to dance, everyone – from the smallest toddler to the oldest grandparent – joined in. The music was lively, and the colorful lights strung around the venue made it feel like a party under the stars.

This wedding at Casa de la Era was one to remember. It was a day full of joy, where children played and adults relaxed, all surrounded by the beauty of the Andalusian countryside and the many colors of happiness


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